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A Multi-Scalar Examination of Law for Sustainable Ecosystems
Olivia Odom Green, Ahjond S. Garmestani, Matthew E. Hopton, Matthew T. Heberling, Matt Hopton

Published: 30 May 2014 by MDPI in Sustainability
MDPI, Volume 6; 10.3390/su6063534
Abstract: The loss of resilience in social-ecological systems has the capacity to decrease essential ecosystem services, posing threats to human survival. To achieve sustainability, we must not only understand the ecological dynamics of a system, such as coral reefs, but must also promulgate regulations that promote beneficial behavior to address ecological stressors throughout the system. Furthermore, laws should reflect that systems operate at multiple spatial and temporal scales, thus requiring management across traditional legal jurisdictions. In this paper, we conducted a multi-scalar examination of law for sustainable ecosystems and how law pertains to coral reef ecosystems in particular. Findings indicate that, in order to achieve sustainability, we must develop new or reform existing legal mechanisms to protect ecosystems.
Keywords: sustainability, Resilience, environmental law, Coral Reef Ecosystems
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