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Highly Efficient Self-Q-Switched Erbium-Ytterbium Fiber Laser Operating at High Output Powers
Luis F. Samano Aguilar, Juan C. Hernandez Garcia, J. M. Estudillo-Ayala, Roberto Rojas Laguna, Olivier Pottiez, J. D. Filoteo-Razo, J.P. Lauterio-Cruz, Daniel Jauregui Vazquez, Julian Moises Estudillo Ayala, Jose David Filoteo Razo, Jesus Pablo Lauterio Cruz

Published: 01 January 2016 by The Optical Society in Frontiers in Optics 2016
The Optical Society, 10.1364/fio.2016.jth2a.32
Keywords: fiber laser, pulses generation, switched Er3, Yb3, Pulsing Regime, high efficient, Multiple Pulsing, Stable Multiple
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