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Feasibility of fiber-optic radiation sensor using Cerenkov effect for detecting thermal neutrons
Kyoung Won Jang, 1 Takahiro Yagi, 2 Cheol Ho Pyeon, 2 Wook Jae Yoo, 1 Sang Hun Shin, 1 Tsuyoshi Misawa, 2 Bongsoo Lee 1
1  Department of Biomedical Engineering, Research Institute of Biomedical Engineering, Konkuk University, Chungju 380-701, South Korea
2  Nuclear Engineering Science Division, Research Reactor Institute, Kyoto University, Asashiro-nishi, Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka 590-0494, Japan

Published: 11 June 2013 by The Optical Society in Optics Express
The Optical Society, Volume 21; 10.1364/oe.21.014573
Keywords: fiber optics sensors, optical sensing and sensors, radiation
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