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David Tsetse   Dr.  Manager 
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David Tsetse published an article in March 2009.
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Wouter T. De Groot

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Article 4 Reads 1 Citation Opportunity and Problem in Context (OPiC): A Framework for Environmental Management David Tsetse, Wouter T. De Groot Published: 18 March 2009
Sustainability, doi: 10.3390/su1010019
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Most frameworks used in the management of environmental problems focus on problem analysis and pay little or no attention to the explanation of the problem and the opportunities for solving it. The Opportunity and Problem in Context (OPiC) framework aims to be fully balanced in this respect. On a broad theoretical footing, the framework can give structure and interconnection to (i) the analysis and explanation of environmental problems by making use of parallel effect chains and norm chains, the functions and values of the environment, a breakdown of human action through lifecycle principles and explanation through fields of causally related actors, (ii) the identification of opportunities for solutions based on the problem analysis, on system concepts and on creativity enhancement, and (iii) the synthesis of this in the process of design and evaluation of solutions. The OPiC framework has been developed with a special view to developing countries but its applicability is not greatly dependent on scale and context.